Sarah Littlepage

The Littlepage family has been on West Baltimore Street for 126 years. The Littlepage’s furniture company was founded in 1893 on North Gilmore and West Baltimore Street by William T. Littlepage and his son. In the early 1900s, the company moved to Baltimore and Calhoun Street. In 1934, Arthur Littlepage, grandson of William T. Littlepage, joined the family’s furniture business, eventually taking over. Littlepage’s distinguished itself from other furniture stores in the city by selling unique and inexpensive pieces made for narrow Baltimore rowhomes. The store was known for its clothes trees and hall seats. According to The Baltimore Sun, “the hall seats, which became indispensable in Baltimore rowhouses with few closets, offered homeowners a place to store rubber boots and overshoes, and hooks for coats and hats.”

The company moved to 1317 West Baltimore Street in 1971. Arthur Littlepage was known as an active member of his community, preferring to interact with customers instead of sitting behind a desk. He ran the store until his death in 1999. The store is now run by David and Sarah Littlepage, Arthur’s children. Littlepage’s is currently open but plans to close in the next year and the Southwest Partnership has bought the building.

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