A Place Called Poppleton Media 2021 – 2023

Poppleton Media Coverage, 2021 – 2023

Compiled by Nicole King, nking@umbc.edu


A Place Called Poppleton Media

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Films from Poppleton Filmfest – April 2, 2022 at The Charles Theater, Baltimore, MD

Sean Yoes, DISRUPTION: Baltimore’s Highway To Nowhere (2021)

Baltimore Heritage, Five Minute Histories: Sarah Ann Street Alley Houses (2021)

Maria Morte Costea, UMBC grad student, We are You and You are Us (fall 2021)

Charles Cohen, Eyesore Productions, Poppleton in the Balance: Save Our Block (summer 2021)


News Media Coverage:


Mark Reutter, “Ground down and depopulated, Poppleton makes a last stand,” Baltimore Brew, July 10, 2021.


Fern Shen, “A rally to save Poppleton draws supporters, but nobody from City Hall,”

Baltimore Brew, July 11, 2021.


WMAR, “West Baltimore residents hold ‘Save Our Block” block party in Poppleton community,” July 11, 2021.


Fern Shen, “City razes historic house in Poppleton two days after Save Our Block rally,” Baltimore Brew, July 13, 2021.


Mikenzie Frost FOX45, “Poppleton community faces silence from City leaders while eminent domain plans continue,” July 15, 2021.


Jaisal Noor & Lisa Snowden, “Battleground Baltimore: Who gets to stay in the city. The Real News Network,” July 16, 2021.


Hallie Miller, “As Baltimore’s Poppleton neighborhood braces for change, residents liken it to a ‘family’ being broken apart,” Baltimore Sun, July 23,2021.


Melody Simmons, “Poppleton’s Center\West developer pushes back against project criticism,” July 23, 2021.


WBAL, 11 TV Hill, “Center/West development — its beginnings & debate,” September 26, 2021.


Jaisal Noor & Brandon Soderberg, “Battleground Baltimore: Poppleton residents declare ‘Black Neighborhood Matter,” The Real News Network, November 5, 2021.


Jaisal Noor & Brandon Soderberg, “Eminent Domain is violent: Poppleton residents show the City what development looks like for Black Baltimoreans,” The Real News Network, December 15, 2021.




WMAR, “Bridging the Gap: Sarah Ann Street,” February 17, 2022


Fern Shen, City moves Eaddy house off Poppleton historic district map, Baltimore Brew, March 8, 2022


Fern Shen, “Amid demolition and stalled development, Poppleton remains in limbo,” Baltimore Brew, March 14, 2022.


Giacomo Bologna, “Baltimore family wins rare — though small — victory in fight to protect Poppleton home from demolition,” Baltimore Sun, April 12, 2022.


Brittney Verner, “Poppleton community fights to preserve the history of their neighborhoods,” WMAR, April 12, 2022.


Emily Opilo, “Baltimore residents call for cuts to police funding at final Taxpayers’ Night before budget vote,” Baltimore Sun, May 26, 2022.


Fern Shen, ““Those guys that robbed me – the police came after the factBaltimore Brew, May 27, 2022.


Callan Tansill-Suddath, “Police budget; Poppleton project permeate Taxpayers’ Night,” WYPR, May 27, 2022.


Stephen J.K. Walters, Ph.D. “Urban Renewal, Redlining, and Race Jun 10, 2022. Originally published in City Journal (Spring 2022).


THE WIN TO SAVE OUR BLOCK: Reset on Redevelopment in Poppleton: Summer 2022


City Announces Updates to Poppleton Redevelopment Project – PRESS RELEASE

Monday July 18th, 2022


Press conference:



Fern Shen, “Victory for Poppleton: The Eaddys can stay, the Sarah Ann houses will be saved and rehabbed,” Baltimore Brew, July 18, 2022.


Hallie Miller, Sophie Kasakove and Adam Willis, “Residents win fight to save Poppleton properties from redevelopment project,” Baltimore Banner, July 18, 2022.


Giacomo Bologna, “Sonia Eaddy wins decadeslong fight to save her home in Baltimore’s Poppleton neighborhood: ‘This victory is for us — all of us’” Baltimore Sun, July 19, 2022.


Woman wins decades-long fight to save her home in Baltimore,” reprinted in Washington Post, July 20, 2022


Marcus Dieterle, “Eaddy family can keep their Poppleton home; Black Women Build to restore Sarah Ann Street houses,” Baltimore Fishbowl, July 18, 2022.


Melody Simmons, “Center/West developer, residents strike agreement on disputed demolition,” Baltimore Business journal, July 18, 2022.


Sean Streicher, CBS News: Poppleton homes spared from demolition after residents lead 18-year battle, July 18, 2022


Barry Sims, WBAL: New development for Poppleton neighborhood allows woman to keep home , July 18, 2022.


Chris Berinato, FOX 45: Deal reached to preserve Sonia Eaddy’s home in Poppleton, July 18, 2022.


Sheridan Wall, “After Decades-Long Fight, A Poppleton Family Will Keep Their Home,” Bloc by Block News, July 21, 2022.


Lisa Snowden, “Black Neighborhoods Matter: Poppleton’s Sonia Eaddy Fought City Hall and a New York Developer–and Won,” Baltimore Beat, August 9, 2022.


  1. Brian Charles, “Land Grab: Why a Desperate City Kept Cutting Deals with a Developer Who Didn’t Deliver,” Baltimore Beat, August 9, 2021.


WYPR Midday with Tom Hall, Saving Poppleton: How an urban development conflict was resolved, July 27, 2022.


Charles Cohen, “Opinion: After her eminent domain win in Poppleton, Sonia Eaddy’s fight is just beginning,” Baltimore Banner, August 17, 2022.


Ashley McDowell, ‘I think it’s essential’: Poppleton community receiving new renovations WMAR, October 13, 2022.


Fern Shen, Poppleton residents, who thought they scored a win in July, now feel left out, Baltimore Brew, November 3, 2022.


Jaisal Noor, The Grassroots Fight for Housing Justice in Baltimore, Yes Magazine, December 27, 2022.


February 2023 – Administrative complaint with HUD (US Department of Housing and Urban Development) against Baltimore City, Mayor Brandon Scott, and the City Council for consistent violations of the Fair Housing Act – see https://econaction.org/in-the-news/poppleton-housing-complaint/ 


Giacomo Bologna, Former residents of Black neighborhood want feds to investigate displacement in Baltimore, Baltimore Sun, February 13, 2023.


Hallie Miller and Sophie Kasakove, Former Poppleton resident, nonprofit allege Fair Housing Act violations in federal complaint, Baltimore Banner, February 13, 2023.


Melody Simmons, Poppleton residents, activists file federal unfair housing complaint against city, Baltimore Business Journal, February 13, 2023


Wambui Kamau, Kristen Mosbrucker, Baltimore Poppleton residents attorneys’ file Fair Housing Act complaint against city with HUD, WYPR, February 13, 2023.


Barry Simms, Poppleton residents file complaint, citing Fair Housing Act violations, WBAL, February 13, 2023.


Brittney Verner, Poppleton residents file complaint after their community hasn’t improved, WMAR, February 13, 2023.


Robert Lang, Poppleton residents file complaint against city, citing Fair Housing Act violations, WBAL NewRadio, February 13, 2023.


AP, LOCAL NEWS, Baltimore’s Sonia Eaddy and Nicole King receive award for efforts to save historic Poppleton, February 16, 2023.


Jack Watson, West Baltimore residents share concerns at ‘Highway to Nowhere’ meeting, WMAR, Feb 15, 2023.


Lea Skene, Black Baltimoreans fight to save homes from redevelopment, AP, February 18, 2023.


Fern Shen, Ravaged by redevelopment, a West Baltimore neighborhood fights back with a HUD complaint, Baltimore Brew, February 23, 2023.


Center West coverage:


Giacomo Bologna, City-backed apartment complex in West Baltimore owes $425K water bill, May 12, 2023.


Giacomo Bologna, Records reveal mounting problems at a city-backed apartment complex in West Baltimore, Baltimore Sun, May 26, 2023.


Giacomo Bologna, ‘Disrupted and destroyed lives for essentially nothing’: the traumatic legacy of a West Baltimore neighborhood’s redevelopment, Baltimore Sun, August 4, 2023.