Lisa Gee and Lonnie Combs

And that’s what I think, housing for the homeless, more things for kids, a nice market with some healthy food. Mr. Lonnie was talking about some high-end retail stores. I don’t know about that because most of the folks around here are first of the month people. They have money, first of the month, and then around the 10th, everybody’s struggling, business owners as well.

–Lisa Gee 

You could get some good investors to say well look, let’s put an apartment place in here, and let’s charge them $1300 a month, and the neighborhood would automatically change. Not saying that you would push the low income people out, but you could mingle these two groups of people could actually mingle together, the low income and the high income people. They can mingle. And that’s my thing.

–Loonie Coombs

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