Baltimore American Indian Center

During the Fall 2017 semester, students in MLL 495/695 Intercultural Media Production collaborated with Maryland Traditions in producing a short film presented at the Maryland Traditions 2017 Heritage Awards celebrating the Baltimore American Indian Center (BAIC).

The BAIC has stood the test of time in Upper Fells Point. Originally founded in 1968 as the American Indian Study Center, it once primarily served as a resettlement resource for Indians who had migrated to the city seeking employment. Today, members of Baltimore’s American Indian community have, for the most part, relocated to areas outside of the neighborhood immediately surrounding the BAIC— neighborhood that had at one time been popularly referred to as “the reservation.”

The BAIC now functions as a cultural magnet that draws this dispersed community back in. Offering weekly culture classes, annual pow wows, a full-fledged community museum, a multipurpose meeting space and more, the BAIC continuously sustains the living cultural traditions of American Indians and Alaskan Natives of the Baltimore region.

-Maryland Traditions

Photos from the the project are here.