Greektown Voices

Greektown Voices was produced by UMBC students in American Studies and Media & Communications Studies during the Spring 2015 Semester.

American Studies 388 (Landscape and Culture) examines the relationships people have to place, and how places and spaces — from rural to urban contexts — are shaped by people’s cultural knowledge and traditions. In particular, the course is focusing on learning the history, culture, and changes of the Greektown neighborhood through ethnographic interviews with community members. Questions that will guide our research include: How have Greektown residents shaped the neighborhood over the course of the 20th century through to today, and What makes it a distinctive and significant place to those who know it best?

Media & Communication Studies Production Fellows (MCS 370) is an advanced seminar in field production techniques. Teamed with AMST 388 students, the production fellows spent time this semester working in the Greektown to capture the stories of its residents and the changing community.