Bromo Speaks

During the fall 2015 semester, as part of an American Studies class taught by Professor Nicole King at UMBC, students worked on the Bromo Speaks project to produce a radio series that highlights the voices of the residents, artists, workers, and business owners in the Bromo Arts District in the west side of downtown Baltimore. Founded as an arts district in 2012, the Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment District strives to unite the city’s west side community, and underscores its potential as a thriving arts neighborhood in downtown Baltimore. Students from UMBC worked to gather over 40 interviews with various people living, working, and visiting the district. These voices highlight themes such as: history, neighborhood change, racism and structural inequality, displacement and development, and the potential future of the area. Throughout this project we have tried to give voice to the often-unheard people on the ground. We attempt to leave the listener with as many questions as answers in order to inspire people to think about how arts districts can change a city. The voices you will hear are not monolithic and the Baltimore Traces: Communities in Transition project is ongoing. Thanks for listening.

Thanks to all the people who share their time and their voices with students this semester:

Carly Bales, Joe Blow, Martin Bricelj Baraga, Bowite Bob, Priya Bhyana, Troy Burton,Allison Clendaniel, Diane Corbert, Ronnie Downs, Laure Drogoul, Michael Evans, Nancy Faidley, Michael Farley, Christina Flowers, Ruby Fulton, Shelia Gaskins, Denna Hagag, Johns Hopkins, Minas Houvardas, Darleen Hudson, Steve Hyon, Rachael London, Joe Medusa, Justin Miller, Ryan Mitchell, Stacey Pack, Spoon Popkin, Kate Porter, Amy Royce, Lyle Saunders, Lanette Tarring, Sara “the tourist,” Stefanie Wallis, Stephen Wise, Baynard Wood, David Yaffe

Students: Griffin Baltz, James Berbert, Brendan Chittick, Adam Droneburg, Megan Hoban, Christina Kwegan, Emma Matthews, Calvin Perry, Shira Singelenberg, Kaitlin Smith, Keith Williams, Kaitlin Winchester