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Food Ethnography in the Time of Covid-19

In AMST403: Food Ethnography, UMBC American Studies students (safely) went into the “field”  to observe and analyze how food has shaped their Covid-19 experiences. Student projects looked at issues like navigating teenage diets, growing food in home gardens, Americanization of Korean-American diets, grocery store shortages and responses, feeding pets, and food waste. The course was co-taught with New Orleans-based cultural documentarians, Fernando López and Chloe Sigal, and featured a virtual photography workshop. Students crafted independent research questions, documented their field work through photographs, and created narratives using StoryMap to showcase their work.

Food Map
Students: Bob Cross, Alex Rodriguez, Huyen Nguyen, Carmen Freeman, Michelle Rim, Tanisha Abegly, Fikir Ejigineh, Sarah Kim, Teresa Michel, Manny Rivera, Jada Tran, Gustavo Sanabria, Cassie Davis